Do Guys Really Need A Pedicure

Do Guys Really Need A Pedicure?

Yes, they do need a pedicure. But I know it’ll be met with numerous reactions, so let me clarify further. Guys, your feet require a little grooming. And we are not only saying that because your feet look embarrassing at the moment while you are wearing sandals to the beach. It is also basic cleanliness. Contrary to what you might think, a pedicure is not only a luxury.

It also has quite some health advantages. Conversely, neglecting to take good care of your feet can cause poor consequences. There are stigmas to men getting manicures and pedicures. But in place of being embarrassed about visiting a salon to get foot and hand care, you ought to be more concerned about the advantages such treatments can give you.

With Unkempt Toes, You’ll Likely Need To Deal With:

  • Ingrown toenails
  • Callouses
  • Bunions
  • Fungal infection

Would you rather cope with such icky (and painful!) things than visit a salon or spa each month for good maintenance and care of the nails?

Guys Really Need A Pedicure

Still Not Convinced, Huh?

Getting rid of calluses and correcting badly shaped nails not just saves you from future discomfort and pain but also, it stops the formation of pressure points in the feet. Putting on sweaty sneakers also frequently causes problems in the feet, mainly the toenails.

You will end up having to cope with pain with each movement. It’s particularly true if you are always on your feet or playing sports such as basketball. It clarifies why professional athletes frequently get pedicures.

By receiving a pedicure at least each month, you lower the risk of diseases and infection caused by dirty nail beds, poorly trimmed nails, and foot exposure to pathogens. By now, I hope to have persuaded you about the significance of groomed nails.

Now the question you may ask is what kind of treatment to get? A lot of salons these days cater to guys who desire manicures and pedicures. Men who desire to be well-groomed can locate particular services in such spas or salons, and a lot of them, in fact, have men-specific treatments such as beer-infused foot soaks/baths.

Mens Pedicure

How To Care For Your Feet?

But the grooming needs ought not to finish with the monthly salon visit. You ought to also do your part in taking care of your feet. Here are a few tips:

  • Wash the feet thoroughly, utilizing mild soap daily. Be certain to comprise in between your toes.
  • If your feet soles have calluses, exfoliate utilizing pumice stone or the exfoliant, especially for your feet.
  • Purchase a tool that allows you to clean the nail beds. You can do so sometimes a week to ensure the nails are clean and free from filth.
  • Pat dry the feet after cleaning and washing. Make certain your feet are totally dry before putting on shoes or socks.
  • When cutting the nails, make use of clippers.
  • Apply foot cream to keep the feet well-hydrated and soft.
  • The shoes ought to properly fit the feet. Tight or loose shoes can cause calluses and irritation.

Do heed such bits of advice for ensuring the feet are properly groomed, well-maintained, and healthy.

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