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These days, there is no lack of value-friendly hair care service providers wherever you go. You can choose from an extensive selection of beauty salons that would not hurt your pocket for a trim or a new hairstyle. Supercuts is among the most well-known there for the best prices, wide availability, and consistency of services.




A Hot Towel Refresher is included with all haircut services.


Supercut I (Haircut)16.99
Supercut II (Haircut with shampoo and basic conditioner)21.99
Supercut III (Haircut with shampoo, basic conditioner, and blow dry) (Starting Price)30.99

Kids (12 Years And Under)

Supercut Jr.14.99

Seniors (62 And Older)

Supercut Sr.14.99


Blow Dry / Style (Starting Price)15.99
Tea Tree Experience8.99
Conditioning Treatments (Starting Price)10.75


Glazing (Starting Price)50.75
Highlights (Starting Price)28.75
Gray Blending (Starting Price)28.75


Waxing (Starting Price)6.75

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Supercuts Hair Salon

Supercuts are essentially all about convenience and practicality. Apart from their reasonably-priced services, they are also recognized for their quick service. They do not need appointments for getting a haircut, so you can simply walk in on any of their locations and receive a haircut. It makes it an outstanding choice for busy people who frequently squeeze in a bit of me-time whenever possible.

What many folks ought to know about this place, however, is that it’s also one of the first ones to have a concept. Established by Frank E. Emmett and Geoffrey M. Rappaport back in 1975 (according to Wikipedia) to fill the gap between expensive salons and neighborhood barber shops, it grew to become one of the largest salon chains in the country, with about twenty-seven hundred locations in North America today.

It is now a part of the Regis Corporation, together with numerous other salon chains. An interesting thing about this place is that its name is rather suitable for its services. The haircuts you will receive from this place are of high quality, giving you awesome value for the cash. They also offer other hair care services such as treatments, coloring, and waxing. They also sell professional hair care products from top brands such as Nioxin, Paul Mitchell, Biolage, and Redken.

How Much Does Supercuts Hair Salon Charge For A Haircut?

If you are interested in getting services at Supercuts, you have to be eager to know about the amounts they charge their clients. As the value brand, their market will obviously need key details on their rates, so permit us to get into detail on that first.

Usually, haircuts at Supercuts begin at fourteen dollars, but as this place has franchise locations, a few dissimilarities in pricing ought to be expected. This rate is for seniors and kids, however. Haircuts for adults tend to begin at sixteen dollars, but there are also combo services that you can go for to assist you in saving more cash if you require more work done on the hair.

Supercuts Have Any Discounts

The most basic info you have to know about Supercuts is that they’ve 3 tiers of services recognized as Supercut I, Supercut II, and Supercut III. The first one is for the haircut service only, while the other two comprise shampoo with basic shampoo and conditioner with basic conditioner and blow dry. Supercut II is priced at about twenty-one dollars and Supercut II at thirty dollars.

Aside from the haircuts, added services here are pretty reasonable. Waxing can begin at six dollars, shampooing at seven dollars, conditioning treatments at eight dollars, and blow dries at fifteen dollars. You can also get the hair colored here beginning at twenty-eight dollars, depending on the type of work that you desire or require and the length of the tresses.

Again, it bears repeating that because of the franchising nature of this place, they do not have standardized costs in all of the locations. If you desire to make certain how much you will have to disburse for the services, it is best to call the locations close by to check their actual costs.

How Much Should I Tip At Supercuts?

The matter of tipping is always confusing, particularly since there are no set amounts involved. It is confusing for dining out, and it is all the more unclear for the other places in the service industry. Salon services tend to be one of the most unclear as there are frequently numerous individuals involved in one visit.

However, tipping fifteen to twenty percent will be appreciated. While hair stylists at salons might receive regular salaries, tipping them will be an awesome thing to do, particularly if the outcomes are pleasing. A bit more for the hairstylist would be a fantastic bonus for their hard work.

And since the costs at this chain are already very reasonable, you can be certain that the extra amount you will disburse will go directly to the hairstylist. You also do not need to be anxious about the complexities of tipping here.

Unlike in other beauty salons, if you will get additional services, there is a high possibility that you do not need to work with other hairstylists. If you are just receiving the Supercut II or III, the one who’ll cut the hair will also condition and shampoo it.

For that, you do not need to be anxious about having to tip numerous folks and how you can go about it. For real amounts, many folks stick to three to five dollars if they only got trims or haircuts. It is great to stick with the fifteen to twenty percent figure if you are getting other services.

Get A Haircut At Supercuts

Do Supercuts Have Any Discounts Or Coupons?

While Supercuts already have a few of the best costs for haircuts and other services, they still provide markdowns, coupons, and bargains to give you better value for the cash. There are many methods of getting a discount for their services; you simply have to glance at the correct places to locate them.

For starters, their official site is an awesome source of information on such discounts. You can search for offers and coupons right on their official site. You can also make use of coupon sites and applications to look for great deals and local newspapers. Their deals can be pretty particular; however, a few may just be applicable at some locations.

It ought not to be astonishing as the chain has numerous franchise locations. Supercuts also have an email subscription deal where they provide two dollars discounts to the people who’ll sign up using the email program. It is an outstanding deal if you will think about it as you would not only get a good discount, but you will also get professional hair care tips and updates.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Haircut At Supercuts?

One of the major draws of Supercuts is the no-appointment-necessary setup. You can go to any location when you want to get a haircut, and they would not turn you away even if you did not contact them ahead or book the appointment for the day and time of your visit.

It permits spontaneity and allows busy folks to get the service they require when they are free. If you are strapped for time and you simply want to squeeze in a haircut on a busy day, you may be wondering how fast a haircut can be done at Supercuts.

It is a vital piece of info if you are attempting to work around something and desire to be more efficient with time. For simple trims and cuts at this place, you can anticipate being in and out of the salon chair in just under thirty minutes.

However, many diverse factors can actually affect this estimation. First on the list is the complexity of the hairstyle you desire. If it is quite complicated, expect your haircut to take longer. If you simply require a trim or a little re-shaping, you can be done in twenty minutes.

Another thing is the level of cooperation of the customer. Cutting children’s hair tends to take some time if they are fussy and untrusting of the stylist, so it may be great to allot a little time if you are getting the children’s haircut. Rushing can be riskier in such situations, so it is highly advised against it.

Apart from the actual cutting procedure, you ought to also consider the possible wait time. A few days might have more clients waiting in line for the haircut, so you need to understand such conditions as well. In a few situations, you may end up having to wait for more than an hour on a hectic day.

That’s why the online Check-in service of this chain will come in handy if you are strapped for time. It’ll assist you in getting in line for coloring, a haircut, and shampooing before you reach the location. So rather than having to wait in the lobby for your turn, you can simply reach the location when it is your turn.

What Are The Unique Services Provided At Supercuts?

There are some things that Supercuts provide that you would not locate anywhere else. Here are a few examples that you may desire to take advantage of:

  • Hair Care Advice And Hairstyle Recommendations On The Website:

Do you desire to try a new look? At times it can be a pain to look for what hairstyles you can try. Trying to figure out which ones are popular and will suit you greatly can be a hassle these days since you would need to know where to search online for the top tips.

Unlike previously, where you can simply grab the latest fashion and beauty magazine, now you need to know what to search for to get a few great ideas. So for making everything more convenient for you, Supercuts also made certain to be an awesome source of info when it comes to hair matters.

They have numerous hairstyle suggestions for women, men, and children, with a pretty good description of which types of hair it’d suit you best and how you can style it. It may not be extensive, but it can already give you a few great ideas on what you may desire to do with your hair.

Apart from hairstyle ideas, the Supercuts site is also a fantastic source of hair care advice and tips. They talk about numerous topics, from hairstyles to hair health and hair products, so you will certainly find it handy if you desire to begin taking more steps to care for your tresses.

  • Towel Refresher:

For giving you a more satisfying and comfortable salon experience, Supercuts adopted the customary hot towel service of the classic barbershops. By offering hot towels after each haircut, clients can clean themselves up well and remove bits of cut hair that are still stuck on the skin.

Wipe down the face and neck utilizing such hot towels, and you can reduce or avoid the itchiness that frequently comes with the haircut. With such a special service that comes with each haircut service, you can enjoy the customary barber shop experience in the modern beauty salon setting.

  • A Wide Range Of Professional Hair Care Products:

Different locations of Supercuts are also exceptional places for getting hair care products. They sell an extensive range of professional hair care products that are raved about and highly recommended by experts and regular folks alike.

A lot of the products they carry cannot be purchased at local beauty stores and drug stores, so you may find it easy to buy right at the salon. They also have deals and promotions on the regular, so you can certainly get amazing value from the purchase.

As stated earlier, they carry brands such as Redken, Paul Mitchell, Biolage, TIGI, Seb Man, Nioxin, and several others. Relying on the existing promotions and the service you chose, you may even be capable of trying out a product on the next visit.

  • Online Check-In:

One of the newest services Supercuts appended to their offers’ value-packed range is the online Check-in feature. It is a substitute for the appointment booking service, but it’ll still assist you in avoiding waiting in the lobby for the turn. In the simplest of terms, the online Check-in service is a line-up service that will allow you to see the waiting times in the locations in the region.

You can then decide to check into the location of your preference, and you will be listed on their virtual signup page, similar to the ones utilized in Supercuts locations, for determining the order of which client will be serviced next. It is a really simple concept, but it tremendously assists in time management and minimizes the requirement of waiting in the lobby.

Rather than sitting idly and waiting for the hairstylist to become accessible, you’re given an exact time that you can spend somewhere else before it is your turn. It is quite effective and will allow you to do more with time. It is also an outstanding way of preventing having individuals in an enclosed shared space as well.

What Time Is Supercuts Open For Business?

The operating hours at Supercuts differ from one location to another. Busier places tend to open as early as 8 AM, while others open as late as 10:30 AM. It all really relies on the general activities and the traffic in the area, so it is great to call the salon in the region or search for their details in the Supercuts app or website to be certain of their opening hours.

The same is true for the closing hours. A few places close as early as 5 PM, while the others are open as late as 9 PM. A few locations have longer working hours than others, so there is no assurance that the locations that open early will also close early or late. To be certain, it is great to check the Supercuts site or call the location you want to go to.

Should I Do Online Check-In Or Walk-In in When Getting A Haircut?

As most people know, Supercuts is well-known for not needing any appointments for haircuts. Anybody can walk right in at any time and get the service they require. However, everything considerably changed when the world pandemic hit.

People desire to be more cautious, so showing up unannounced to the majority of places is advised against. At Supercuts, you can still walk in and receive the services you want, however. You’ll not be dismissed if you did not contact the location beforehand or checked in online.

Supercuts is staying true to that custom, so you do not need to be anxious about planning everything beforehand if you frequently choose to get a haircut whenever you have free time. However, again, because of the current changes in the working of this chain, the waiting times can be anticipated.

With social distancing measures set up, the majority of locations are still unable to work at full capacity. It denotes that they are less competent than before if they didn’t increase their work area. It also denotes that it is great to expect that you will have to wait for some time for your turn.

If you do not have enough time to spare and are just squeezing in a trip to the beauty salon on a free hour, it can be a hassle. You may end up wasting precious time sitting and waiting idly for a hairstylist to become accessible.

If you are fortunate, you can get squeezed in, but it is not always assured. That’s why the online check-in service is very helpful for a lot of Supercuts patrons. It’ll allow you to get in the queue without having to be physically there in the location, saving you much time in the process and permitting you to evade contact with strangers.

You can then simply show up for some minutes until it is your turn, and you do not need to wait long to be seated on the salon chair. The great thing about the check-in feature is that it is made to be really convenient and easy to use.

You do not need to fuss on the website or the app for checking in because you just really have to choose the location you want to go to and then enter your phone number and name to line up. If you are using the application, you can even receive a text alert reminding you of the upcoming schedule.

You can also choose the services and the hairstylist you’ll go for as well as check-in clients. There is also much flexibility with the check-in feature. You can either check in for the soonest accessible opening or schedule the visit at some later time.

Note, however, that this feature isn’t an appointment booking type, so you can just schedule the visit on the same day. It might have a major limitation, but it can still work for the ones who have chosen the day for a beauty salon visit anyway. You can also make use of this check-in feature even if you do not desire to check in.

You can simply refer to the expected wait times of certain locations that are available on the app and website and base your choice on where to go with the details you will get. It is totally up to you, however, whether you want to walk in or utilize the check-in feature. Choose whichever is more perfect and convenient for your situation.

Should I Download The Supercuts Application?

If you are thinking of utilizing the check-in feature, you may also be interested in the mobile application called the Supercuts Online check-in at the App Store and Google Play Store; you can get the application for free and utilize it for conveniently planning trips to Supercuts.

To be honest, however, you do not necessarily require the application if you want to check in before the visit. You can do so using the Supercuts site on any web browser on a PC or mobile device, so the application isn’t a requirement for taking advantage of this service.

However, it’s a number of 90 features that may tickle your fancy. For starters, you can set up an account that will save your details and will provide you with simpler access to your favorite locations.

No more requirement of manually looking them up because you can easily save them and have one-tap access. It also provides a message alert feature so you will be simply reminded if your appointment is about to take place. If you tend to go to Supercuts frequently, the application will definitely be very handy for you.

What Are The Measures Supercuts Must Ensure For Public Safety And Health?

For everybody involved, it is significant to talk about the safety measures that are in place in each Supercuts location. This brand is committed to keeping everybody healthy and safe, so they’re making certain that each salon follows CDC requirements and local mandates for operations. Further steps are also taken by this brand to guarantee further that their guests and team members are apart from what is needed by the local governments. A few of the most important ones are:

  • Mandatory usage of CDC-recommended masks.
  • Stylist stations and salon chairs are sanitized in between all services.
  • Contactless payments are encouraged.
  • Suspension of services that need mask removal and face-to-face contact between hairstylists and guests in a few salons. It comprises beard trims as well as chin or lip waxing.
  • Stylists needed to put on eye protection when shampooing clients’ hair.

For setting up an appointment with Supercuts, please go to their official website at

Frequently Asked Questions Section:

Q: How Much Is A Tea Tree Experience At Supercuts?

Tea Tree Experience: 8.99 dollars per person (starting price)

Q: How Much Is A Shampoo At Supercuts?

Shampoo: 7.99 dollars per person (starting price)

Q: How Much Are Highlights At Supercuts?

Highlights: 28.75 dollars per person (starting price)

Q: How Much Is Adult Haircut At Supercuts?

Supercut I (Haircut): 16.99 dollars per person (starting price)

Supercuts Official:


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