Damaging Your Hair Without Realizing It

Ways You Are Damaging Your Hair Without Realizing It

Every hair has 3 layers, the medulla (inner fibers), the cortex, and the cuticle (outer layer). Hair grows around 0.25 inches each month and can keep on growing for up to six years before it falls out and makes room for the new hair strand.

The lifespan of hair relies on a lot of things including styling. If you style the hair too much, it damages its cuticle, exposing the medulla, which then causes static and dryness.

Ways You Are Damaging Your Hair
Ways You Are Damaging Your Hair

How Are You Damaging Your Hair?

Here are some things you might be doing that are damaging to the hair:

  • Utilizing Heated Styling Tools:

The stylist has perhaps told you that excessive usage of heat styling tools is not a good thing. The heat temporarily changes your hair’s hydrogen bonds, so it behaves the way you want them to. But frequent usage of blow dryers and flat iron can cause permanent damage.

  • Highlights & Coloring:

Dyes and highlights might not be as damaging as bleach, but they can also change your hair’s inner structure causing lackluster hair and dryness.

  • Perming:

Whether chemical straightening or curling, perming breaks your hair’s inner bonds and changes them. It weakens your hair, causing dullness and damage.

  • Bleaching:

The procedure and chemicals utilized in bleaching make your hair weak. Bleaching changes your hair structure, making it more susceptible to damage.

  • Utilizing Hair Extensions And Weaves:

Hair extensions and weaves can leave your hair broken and brittle. But it causes more damage than ponytails and braids, as it can also damage its roots.

  • Over-Shampooing:

Shampooing is essential for getting rid of oil buildup and cleansing your scalp. But if you do so often, it’ll eliminate the natural moisture of your hair, causing dryness.

  • Over-Brushing:

As a child, you’re told that brushing the hair with 100 strokes can make it shiny, but over-brushing, in fact, causes split ends and breakage because of consistent friction.

  • Braids And Ponytails:

You perhaps did not think we would comprise these on this list. But indeed, braids and ponytails can cause a little damage, particularly if they are very tight, causing breakage, particularly if the hair is wet.

  • Roughly Towel-Drying Hair:

Do not vigorously make use of a towel on the hair after stepping out of the shower. Instead, gently blot your towel on the hair so as not to harm its cuticle.

  • Brushing Your Wet Hair:

Wet hair is fragile, so be certain not to force tangles apart utilizing a brush. Before showering, you ought to untangle your hair. In the shower, make use of a wide-toothed comb while applying some hair conditioner.

  • Not Utilizing A Deep Conditioner:

If the hair is damaged and very dry, you ought to make use of a deep conditioner. It’s particularly true if you want to style your hair utilizing hot tools or if you have colored the hair. Make use of a deep conditioner a week before and a week after getting the chemical treatment.

  • Applying A Lot Of Conditioners:

You ought not to apply conditioner on the scalp. Keep it to the hair ends as it’s the area that can benefit the most from additional moisture and hydration. If you think the hair is drier, append more conditioner, but it ought not to exceed the size of a quarter.

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