A healthy glow is something the majority of individuals desire. To a few, that glow comes in the tanning form. There are some diverse methods of getting a tan, including tanning beds and the old-fashioned way: lying in the sun.

Going out in the sun has advantages and disadvantages. The sun offers you vitamin D, but its rays also have a threat to the skin. You get tan when the skin encounters ultraviolet rays of light (UV rays). The two UV rays types are UVB and UVA.

Top Tanning Salons Across United States:

  • Beach Bum Tanning:

This place was established in Manhattan, NYC, back in 1986. Through its investment in the top equipment in the industry, this place has established itself as one of the best beauty and tanning salons on the East Coast, with more than fifty locations throughout West Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, and Connecticut.

It features the top selection of indoor tanning equipment in the industry today. They have the newest tanning beds that comprise numerous amenities, from shoulder to facial tanners, cooling fans, and aromatherapy. Then, they also have Airbrush tanning and Sunless Booth Tanning.

  • LA Tan:

It’s been around since the 1990s. But the existing tanning chain was started back in 2001 by Nick Patel. He started out with just four chains. Through the passion for servicing clients to complete satisfaction combined with the convenient application and advantages of new technology, he has expanded his works and already has over a hundred and eighty locations in six diverse states. This place is the fastest-growing tanning salon chain in the Midwest.

  • South Beach Tanning:

Since 2003, this place has been active in business in the Florida area (Tampa, Orlando, South, and Central). In the twelve-year run since it was established by lawyer Brian Hibbard, no shop has been closed ever since its start.

That is no small feat! This salon is widely recognized for its quality service and professionalism, plus amazing lasting tans! So, if you are in need of a little color, and you have just been at home or indoors for really long, perhaps it is about time you go straight to South Beach Tanning.

  • Island Sun Tanning:

Locally owned, this salon was started in South Jersey back in 1987 and has continued to be the best tanning salon in the Garden State. The high-pressure booths and beds at Island Sun Tanning cost so much less than the prices of the competitors but with the same best quality that you’ll locate in high-end salons.

  • Hollywood Tans:

Previously recognized as the Hollywood Tans Group LLC, it’s now only Hollywood Tans, a salon franchise chain specializing in indoor tanning. From the highly structured and compliance-oriented model the company utilized for operating, it’s reinvented itself through the expertise of the president and CEO Lewis Shender and is now much more flexible. This tanning salon has stopped running the business as the one size fits all operation.

Tanning Salons
Tanning Salons

What Should You Know About The Tanning Salon Etiquette?

Looking pale and requiring a bit of boost? Tanning salons are there for this very reason! But if you have never been, or you had and you have a bad experience, you can be concerned about having an awkward time. Indeed, there are a few rules of etiquette you ought to know before you go to the salon.

  • Wear Whatever Is Comfortable:

The doubt about what you ought to wear at the salon is perhaps one of the major causes of concern for individuals who are unaccustomed to tanning. If you are uncomfortable with showing your skin to strangers, there is no need to be anxious too much; in the majority of situations, you do not have to strip down to the birthday suit for tanning.

Usually, you ought to be capable of wearing a swimming suit or something similar while tanning. Conversely, if you are completely cool with tanning in the nude, there is a great chance the salon permits that. Simply check with them first to be certain.

Also, you can be certain that there’ll most likely be a specific privacy level, so do not think that a lot of individuals will be seeing you at the most vulnerable. And even then, individuals working at the salon are used to seeing individuals wearing very little; they have seen it all!

  • Practice Hygiene And Clean Up After Yourself:

While nobody is gonna point out the B.O. (unless it is very bad), please take a little time to make certain you are practicing good hygiene, particularly when you want to be utilizing shared equipment that you will possibly be sweating in.

Make certain you make use of oils so that the skin is hydrated properly while tanning. Otherwise, the dry skin might flake off, leaving disgusting remnants all across the tanning bed. If you are uncertain of what oil you ought to be utilizing, consult with the salon beforehand. They will probably have a few accessible for purchase at the salon.

If you are given a towel, be certain to wipe down the tanning bed before and after you make use of it. While there is a chance that the salon cleans the beds after they are utilized, it is still good etiquette to clean them yourself after you are done. Nobody desires to sit in your sweat!

  • Be Considerate Of The Staff:

One thing you ought to remember is that while the tanning salon employees are there to assist you in getting ready for the season, they are also people, too. As with any other service position, treat staff the way you would desire to be treated.

Extend this attitude to scheduling the tanning appointments, as well. Be thoughtful of busy times at the salon, and if they are not capable of fitting you in on the day you’re hoping for, do not get too upset.

If there is still anything you are feeling uncertain about before the tanning appointment, just call the salon beforehand. They ought to happily answer all of your questions. After all, they want the business, so, obviously, they will desire you to have a good experience with them.


Frequently Asked Questions Section:

Q: Is Indoor Tanning More Effective Than Tanning Outside?

Studies show that tanning devices assist you in building the base tan more effectively and quickly because of the controlled atmosphere. With the tanning device, you can control the session and expose the skin to a consistent level of UVB and UVA light.

But when you go tan outdoors, you cannot control such things, therefore providing you with less consistent outcomes. Thus, the controlled setting that the tanning device provides makes indoor tanning a more effective method of having a glowing tan and boosting Vitamin D levels.

Q: Do I Require A Doctor’s Permission For Tanning?

No, but if you have a pre-existing condition that you think may affect the experience, then it is best to consult with the doctor.

Q: Can I Wear My Contact Lenses While Tanning?

You can wear contact lenses throughout the tanning session, although it is suggested to close your eyes throughout the session and put on protective goggles. But if you locate the heat coming from the machine is causing discomfort and dryness, you might desire to remove them at the next appointment.

Q: Does Tanning Hurt?

Tanning ought not to hurt! If you are in pain, that denotes you are not appropriately protected from the UV rays or you’re having some kind of reaction to the chemical in the tanning lotion. Speak to the salon consultant if the pain continues.

Q: How Much Time Should I Let Pass Between The Tanning Sessions?

The FDA needs twenty-four hours between your tanning sessions. We suggest allowing at least one day in between your sessions whenever time allows.

Q: Is It Okay To Shower Immediately After Tanning?

Absolutely! Tanning is a procedure that can take up to twenty-four hours to develop. You can’t wash away the tan unless you’re utilizing a self-tanner, shaving immediately, or exfoliating.

Q: Can I Tan If I’m Pregnant?

Please consult the physician. However, we know that there’s no problem with the UV rays since they can’t penetrate deeper than the skin layer (dermis). Expecting women are recommended to be careful with hot tubs, saunas, and other things that can cause extreme heat to build up in the uterus. Make sure to talk to your physician beforehand.


Tanning is the best way to get a healthy glow and look cool. To avoid any kind of problem, however, you need to understand the tanning salon etiquette. Fortunately, the tanning salons stated above in the post utilizing a safe and practical approach to tanning, so be sure to check them out.

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