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Brothers Rick and David Keuber used to own a video retail shop chain whose rentals went down throughout the summer seasons.

To boost the traffic, they decided to put tanning units in the video shops. The popularity of the tanning units made them choose to go full-time in this business. So back in 1999, they launched Sun Tan City.

It flourished immediately, and by 2005, the business had grown to twenty-one locations. Today, Sun Tan City has over 250 salons across eighteen states.

Their mission is really straightforward; to utilize the best skin care products and superior equipment and to have well-trained consultants.

Down below you can see the updated information on Sun Tan City in 2023.




Flex Plan (Price Per Month) (Instant Sunbeds)89.99
Commitment Plan (Price Per Month) (Instant Sunbeds)59.99
Annual Plan (Price Per Year) (Instant Sunbeds)799.99
Single Visit Price (Instant Sunbeds)34
2-Visit Package (One Time Price)49.99


1-Visit Plan (Price Per Month) (Sunless Booths)19.99
Flex Plan (Price Per Month) (Sunless Booths)59.99
Commitment Plan (Price Per Month) (Sunless Booths)39.99
Annual Plan (Price Per Year) (Sunless Booths)599.99
Single Visit Price (Sunless Booths)24
3-Visit Package (One Time Price)49.99


Flex Plan (Price Per Month) (Fast Sunbeds)24.99
Commitment Plan (Price Per Month) (Fast Sunbeds)14.99
Annual Plan (Price Per Year) (Fast Sunbeds)199.99
Single Visit Price (Fast Sunbeds)9
7-Visit Package (One Time Price)49.99


Flex Plan (Price Per Month) (Fast Sunbeds & Booths)49.99
Commitment Plan (Price Per Month) (Fast Sunbeds & Booths)24.99
Annual Plan (Price Per Year) (Fast Sunbeds & Booths)399.99
Single Visit Price (Fast Sunbeds & Booths)14
5-Visit Package (One Time Price)49.99


Flex Plan (Price Per Month) (Fastest Sunbeds)69.99
Commitment Plan (Price Per Month) (Fastest Sunbeds)39.99
Annual Plan (Price Per Year) (Fastest Sunbeds)599.99
Single Visit Price (Fastest Sunbeds)24
3-Visit Package (One Time Price) (Fastest Sunbeds)49.99

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Services Provided:

There are two methods of getting a tan at Sun Tan City; through Sunless Spray Tanning and through Sunbeds.

Sun Tan City’s Sunless Spray Tanning utilizes airbrush technology to provide you with a lovely glow that you can customize through numerous color choices.

Sun Tan City’s Spray Tan uses natural ingredients. It has four types of tanning beds that are suited to build the tan rapidly.

Fast Sunbeds provide an excellent value for building the base tan within a twenty-minute session. Faster Sunbeds can produce two to three times faster tanning results.

Fastest Sunbeds provide superior golden tan three to five times even faster. Instantaneous Sunbeds are the top tanning beds, with results five to ten times faster. The satisfaction after each tanning session makes Sun Tan City’s costs so reasonable.

Why Select Sun Tan City?

Sun Tan City utilizes tanning beds with established tanning power. They prudently choose the ones that can produce the top tanning results. Their lamps are created to provide deep, dark tans.

Their investments might have cost the brand more. But customer satisfaction is all that counts.

When you visit a Sun City Tanning Salon, you’re gonna utilize the top equipment the tanning industry could provide, the safest tanning machines that can get you the tan you want.

Through intensive research, it has discovered and has been utilizing the top skin care products available.

Sun Tan City has experienced tanning consultants that went through thorough skincare training. They can assist each client in selecting the combo of procedures and lotions that will be most effective for their tanning goals and individual skin type.

Sun Tan City employees are always ready to listen to what every customer desires and can clearly elucidate the techniques that will get the wanted results.

Sun Tan City’s price is always contemplated as a bargain by each client who left their salon with the exact tan they desired.

So for that healthy-looking tan that’ll keep pedestrians tripping and heads turning, go to your close-by Sun Tan City salon and tell them precisely how shiny and bronze you want to be.

For exact service availability and pricing, go to the official Sun Tan City website.

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