caring tips for eyelash extensions

Tips For Taking Care Of Your Eyelash Extensions

Now that the pandemic is over, we can finally socialize; and glam up for no particular reason. You can get up each morning with stunning dark lashes, prepared to go out and have fun without a lot of effort. With eyelash extensions, it’s possible.

Eyelash extensions are actually semi-permanent lashes attached to your own to make them look more dramatic and defined. There are diverse types of eyelash extensions you can pick from, but the two main choices are:

  • Russian: You can append such ultra-fine fake lashes to every natural lash so you can have a more natural gaze.
  • Classic: It’s thick and awesome for the everyday look.

Eyelash extensions can last between three to six weeks. You have to take great care of them so they can last even longer, and you get the cash’s worth. Speaking of price, such fake lashes can be as cheap as fifteen dollars or as high as three hundred dollars, depending on the eyelash extensions type you get as well as where you acquire them. Here are some significant things to know before you choose to get these fake eyelash extensions:

You Cannot Wet Them For At Least 24 Hours:

The glue requires time for setting, which denotes you ought not to get the lashes wet for 24 hours at least. Do not exercise or go to a sauna, and do not wash your face. You can make use of makeup remover or baby wipes for cleaning the face instead and staying away from the eye area.

Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extensions

They Have To Be Brushed Daily:

The eyelash technician ought to provide you with a special brush that will be utilized for combing the lash extensions to keep them lush and for preventing them from getting snarled.

Make Use Of The Eyelash Cleaner:

If possible, make use of a particular eyelash shampoo 2-3x a week to keep the lashes clean and moisturized.

Evade Oil-Based Products:

When caring for the extensions, you ought to avoid oil-based products, as such things can break down the glue that keeps your lashes in place. Do not make use of makeup and skin care products that are oil-based.

Do Not Rub The Eyes:

Rubbing the eyes will cause these fake lashes to fall off, so do not be tempted to do that. You should also avoid pulling them out as it can damage the natural lashes.

You Have To Get Them Refreshed Every Few Weeks:

Eyelash extensions need maintenance if you desire them to continue to look amazing. That denotes visiting the salon every two to three weeks for getting them refilled. Do not be anxious; it will just take fifteen minutes or so.

You Have To Take A Little Breaks:

It is great to have amazing-looking lashes all year round, but you also have to give them a little break every now and then. Just some weeks off a year ought to be enough.

Wear Sunglasses Outside:

It’s particularly significant if the weather is hot because lashes can really fall out much faster when exposed to the hot temp. Protect your fake lashes from damage by putting on sunglasses.

Frequently Asked Questions Section:

There are some common things about the maintenance of fake eyelash extensions that the majority of people do not know. So, remember such, if you desire to keep the fake lashes in good condition every day.

Q: Is Aftercare The Same For Volume And Classic Lashes?

Honestly, the aftercare for volume and classic lashes are almost the same. However, the volume lashes can last much longer than the classic styles if you take good aftercare of them. In any situation, you ought to make sure that the base of the natural lashes is clean.

Q: Should I Wash My Fake Eyelash Extensions Every Day?

Yes. Clean your fake lash extensions once every day, at least, whether you put on makeup or not. It’s an amazing way of preventing the natural oils, dust, salt, or filth from seeping into your lash line and damaging the bond made by your lash glue.

Q: Can I Let My Fake Eyelash Extensions Air Dry?

Yes, air-drying is an excellent method of drying eyelash extensions if you are not in a perspiring place. If you are blow-drying the fake lashes, please do not do so on the hot setting or hold it really close to the eyelashes.

Q: How Can I Shower With Fake Eyelash Extensions?

When you are showering, evade hot water at high pressure from falling on the fake lashes directly. It can weaken your lash glue bond, making fake lashes fall out earlier than usual.

Q: How To Take Care Of Lash Extensions While Sleeping?

You ought to always sleep in a position that does not affect the fake lashes. So, never sleep on the back with new fake lashes. Furthermore, cotton pillowcases can pull or snag on the eyelash hairs too. That is why silk pillowcases are an excellent choice for fake eyelash extension wearers.


Fake eyelash extensions can make the eyelashes look fuller and longer. But to make them really last, you will have to take good care of them.

You can keep them in place much longer by brushing the extensions every day, cleaning them every day, and evading things that could make them drop sooner or damage the natural eyelashes, saving you both time and money.

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