Nail Salons Across The US

At times it takes you months to locate a good nail salon. At times you come across one where you least anticipate it. Whatever the experience is, the humble truth to comprehend is that there is more to a perfect nail salon than experienced staff. After all, you entrust the professionals, not just the image but the health, in the first place.

Therefore, your venue choice ought to be based not just on the salon site design (although it’s significant as well) when looking for it on Google but on other, more practical aspects. Here is the list of the best nail salons in the US if you are looking for a perfect nail salon.

List of Top Nail Salons in 2022:

Best Nail Salons Across the United States:

Dashing Diva:

This place stemmed from Mr. John Chang, who owned the world’s biggest artificial nails manufacturing business with a manufacturing plant situated in Port Washington, New York. It opened back in October 2003 with the first branch in Greenwich Village, New York.

Through exemplary customer service and creative innovations, this nail salon has reinvented the amazing nail salon experience and has expanded to thirty locations on three continents. It presently operates in Kuwait, Japan, the US, China, and the Philippines.

Hollywood Nails:

Hollywood nail salon is owned and operated by Regis Corporation, the global leader in the salon business which began back in 1958 and has landed in the top thousand corporations. It has a straightforward tagline; we have got everything you require to keep you looking the best.

Having such a tagline involves a high degree of competence and skill. Sure enough, this place was capable of living up to its slogan, and with that additional flair for outstanding customer service, the brand has grown to over 179 different locations in ten states.

To this date, this nail salon has stuck with the slogan and has been living up to the expectations of everybody day in and day out. It’s maintained exemplary service for the most reasonable price.

Regal Nails:

Regal Nails Salon and Spa first started in Ohio back in 1997. They then started their 1st branch in Walmart in Shreveport, LA, which is currently the franchise’s headquarters. They opened the first branch in K-Mart in 1997 in Ohio. Since then, this brand has expanded to 923 outlets in the US and Canada and hires more than three thousand technicians.

This chain of spas and nail salons is concerned with health, safety, and sanitation. All Regal Nails Salon and Spa locations are clean, and all the equipment used is sanitized properly. Their dedication to hygiene is well-praised by a lot of clients.

Regal Nails Salon and Spa LLC are actually composed of specialists who are trusted to provide professional help. Their primary values of serving with comfort and quality and giving reasonable luxury to all their customers. These are the values that have made this business grow progressively for the past fifteen years.

LA Nails:

It’s an entire service establishment that provides care for skin, hair, and nails. They have services like pedicures, manicures, body and hand massages, hair treatments and styling, eyelash extensions, and waxing. They’re found in several areas in the US.

It’s a place that has hygienic facilities, and clients feel rejuvenated and relaxed after their pedicure and manicure sessions. Services here are cheaper than different other nail spas. It also provides hand and foot spas which go in the package with pedicures and manicures. Hand spas have a paraffin soak which is free.

Da Vi Nails:

Previously recognized as California Nails, this one-of-a-kind international place was started back in 1995 for providing the customer with extraordinary and quality personal services when it comes to nail care.

Owned and managed by the Truong family, the name Da Vi was actually the portmanteau of the owner’s Vi Truong Cao and David Truong names, adding a little more personalization and flair to their brand. The pair is more than fortified to run this place because of their impressive curriculum vitae and background.

Nail Salons
Nail Salons

Things To Consider When Selecting A Nail Salon:


Your health ought to be the highest priority above everything else. A nail salon ought to put a lot of emphasis on cleanliness, so their clients feel safe and comfortable when receiving services. The workstations and floors are supposed to be spotless and clean.

On the other end, the equipment utilized ought to be disinfected regularly. Before and after attending to customers, the nail specialists ought to sanitize or wash their hands and also request their customers to do the same.


Realizing value for cash is an important aspect to contemplate when paying for any service. The amount of cash to pay at a nail salon ought to be equivalent to the service quality received. As a result, you ought to go to a nail salon where the costs are pocket-friendly without compromising on the standard of the service provided. In addition to that, the services ought to be a match and worth their respective cost.


The nail technician’s expertise is, to a great extent, dependent on the training received in nail styling art. The other bit of proficiency comes with talent and experience. A specialist with credible skills can apply several designs and techniques while attending to the nails. They also offer professional directions on how you can take care of your nails and provide high-quality pedicures, manicures, or enhancements.


Before going to any nail salon, you can do some online research on a certain place’s web page and check what others have to say about it. The majority of such reviews are from those who have had an experience as customers at the nail salon.

They have lots to say from their opinions and also draw personal conclusions regarding a nail salon. These reviews go a long way in carrying out a valuation and gauging a few aspects regarding a nail salon.

Variety Of Services:

Having options is great since customers would like to experiment with diverse colors, designs, and other elements of nail art. Reliable nail salons avail more advanced methods in which nail art can be done.

Therefore, there’s a broad range of services accessible for customers to pick from. Every visit to such a nail salon provides you with a chance to do something that’s completely new and fresh. This type of versatility is attractive to clients.

Nail Salons Across The US
Nail Salons Across The US

Frequently Asked Questions Section:

Q: Gel Nails Or Acrylic? Which Offers The Best Natural Look?

If you’re searching for a more natural look, gel nails are the best bet. Also, because the gel is more flexible, it protects the natural nails from being harmed. As a result, acrylic nails permit you to experiment with a broader variety of designs and a longer diversity of lengths. However, if you’re still unsure, you might also give poly gel nails a go.

Q: What Does A Pedicure Comprise?

A Pedicure comprises shaping, trimming, and polishing toenails. It also comprises foot massage and the removal of any ingrown toenails and dead skin or any callous on the bottom of the feet.

Q: Can I Get Nail Extensions If My Nails Aren’t Too Long?

If you have a little bit of length to work with, you can receive nail extensions on your short nails. A nail extension will not stick if the nails are really short; therefore, it’ll just fall off.

Q: What To Ask For When Receiving A Pedicure?

For avoiding leaving the nail salon with a fungal infection in addition to freshly manicured nails, there are some things to look out for when you sit back in your pedicure chair.


Nail salons are not limited to the above list. There is a wide range of specialty nail salons you might pick, but this list provides just a few. When you desire to get a new look, you can utilize the above list as the starting point.

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