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Pampering oneself is frequently related to luxury, something many individuals just aspire for and dream of undergoing. It makes many salons and spas quite daunting which, in turn, keeps a huge chunk of the populace away.

It is quite a shame, really, as many individuals require a great way of relaxing and caring for themselves. Fortunately, Massage Envy recognized this requirement and stepped up to promote the addition of facials, stretches, and massages into one’s wellness routine by making them more reasonably priced and somewhat required.



One 1-Hour Massage per Month0
One 1-Hour Healthy Skin Facial per Month10


Massage Sessions

1-Hour Massage (For Members Only)39.99
1-Hour Healthy Skin Facial (For Members Only)49.99
1.5-Hour Massage (For Members Only)59.99
2-Hour Massage (For Members Only)79.99
Hot Stone Envy (For Members Only)79.99

Enhanced Therapies

Sugar Foot Scrub Therapy (For Members Only)10
AromaTherapy (For Members Only)10
Deep Muscle Therapy (For Members Only)12


Massage Sessions

1-Hour Massage (Non Members)99.99
1-Hour Healthy Skin Facial (Non Members)109.99
1.5-Hour Massage (Non Members)149.99
2-Hour Massage (Non Members)199.99
Hot Stone Envy (Non Members)199.99

Enhanced Therapies

Sugar Foot Scrub Therapy (Non Members)15
AromaTherapy (Non Members)15
Deep Muscle Therapy (Non Members)18

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Established back in 2002, Massage Envy is a skincare and massage chain that’s contemplated to be the first and the leading therapeutic massage provider in the US. They’re among the first to use the membership program, proving their trailblazing methods early on in their processes. What makes Massage Envy really noticeable, however, is its emphasis on the significance of healing massage to one’s wellness.

They’re putting a more medicinal spin on different services that are frequently framed as luxurious and self-care, providing them more importance so individuals can see them as an essential service to get regularly. With over twelve hundred locations all over the United States, Massage Envy is one of the fastest-rising chains.

How Much Does A Massage Actually Cost At Massage Envy Salon?

To get to know Massage Envy best, let’s get to the very thing everybody desires to learn about this chain: the costs of their services. With the franchising business models and membership programs, it ought to be anticipated that their costs differ relying on the location and your status.

On average, sixty-minute massages, the most basic service, charges 59.99 dollars for members. It’s the cost of one’s monthly membership fee, so if you take it, you will practically get one free massage each month.

Apart from the massages, you can also make use of the monthly fee for a Total Body Stretch or a facial session. The facials will charge you an extra ten dollars or so, however. If you want to get more than one service every month, however, you are welcome to do that, and you will get discounted costs as a member. One-hour massages will just charge around forty dollars, hot stone massages eighty dollars, and facials fifty dollars.

1.5-hour and two-hour massages can also be benefited from at around sixty dollars and eight dollars, respectively. They also have improved therapies such as Rapid Tension Relief, which charges around twenty-nine per thirty-minute session, deep muscle therapy for twelve dollars, and aromatherapy and sugar foot scrub for ten dollars.

As for the non-members, the rates go a little higher. One-hour massages cost around ninety-nine dollars, hot stone massages cost 199 dollars, and one-hour facials cost 109 dollars. Their extended massages charge about 149 dollars and 199 dollars for 1.5-hour and two-hour sessions.

Improved services are also accessible for non-members with extra five dollars to six dollars on aroma therapy, foot scrub, and deep muscle therapy. As stated before, however, these are average costs and can differ relying on the location.

They might not necessarily be precise but can provide you with good ballpark figures on how much the fees frequently go. For accurate pricing, you can make use of the automated chat feature on their official website to give you the costs in the region or contact the location near you to inquire about their precise costs.

As massages can range from forty dollars to 145 dollars per hour on average, relying on the type of spa, Massage Envy’s costs can be considered as a few of the friendliest. Their services are already extremely reasonable without risking your safety and health and are a well-respected leading brand.

What Are Different Massage Packages Provided At Massage Envy?

There are 3 general packages accessible at Massage Envy: the one-hour massage, the 1.5-hour massage, and the two-hour massage. Non-members and members alike can pick from the diverse kinds of massages they provide at their different locations.

It makes it extremely simple, so you do not need to go through so many diverse choices when all you desire is to relax. In addition to the session’s length and kind of massage, you can also pick an enhancement to make your experience all the more soothing.

There are some choices accessible, a few of which were already stated before, such as Aromatherapy and Deep Muscle Therapy. Aside from these, you can also append CyMe Boost, Exfoliation, Rapid Tension Relief, Kinesiology Therapy, Hot Stone Envy, and Enhanced Muscle Therapy to the session for packing more punch to it.

All have their own unique addition to the massage therapy session, promising better outcomes. Some of such enhancements are really interesting to look into as they aren’t frequently provided by other spas. Take Rapid Tension Relief, for instance.

It makes use of a drill-like massage tool which is created for applying intense pressure at very particular points. With that, you can get out the kinks that are troubling the body. Kinesiology Therapy, conversely, utilizes kinesiology tape for providing support to your strained muscles and decreasing discomfort.

It can be appended to any massage or while stretching. Hot Stone Envy is also something to explore. As its name proposes, it utilizes heated stones applied to the strategic points. It is the very same thing you will frequently see in luxury hotels’ brochures in tropical destinations, promising amazing relaxation.

Of course, you can also choose a customized massage to assist you in getting the exact type of massage therapy you desire and require. As each session begins with a consultation with the massage therapist, you’ll be capable of communicating with them the type of treatment you want to get.

What Kinds Of Massages Can I Receive At Massage Envy?

To guarantee that you will address all of the kinks and muscle tension effectively, Massage Envy provides nine diverse types of massages that you can receive in medium or light intensity. These are the following:

  • Personalized Massage: It can be composed of a combo of two or more kinds of massages listed here.
  • Prenatal Massage: As its name proposes, it’s a special kind of massage that’s designed particularly for pregnant ladies.
  • Geriatric Massage: Another self-explanatory kind of massage, it’s for the less active seniors who require gentler handling but effective therapy.
  • Trigger Point Therapy: It addresses trigger points on the shoulders, back, or neck, which tends to trigger pain in other parts of your body as well.
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy: Meant for decreasing stress, it’s for the scalp.
  • Reflexology: It’s a type of massage where pressure is applied at particular points for providing relief to other aches and pains in your body.
  • Swedish Massage: The classic kind that the majority of individuals know of. It is the procedure that applies circular pressure on your body.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: It’s a modified Swedish massage wherein the therapist will apply more pressure to release muscle tension and get to the deeper layers of the muscles.
  • Sports Massage: It’s a more area-specific kind of deep tissue massage, aiming at problem areas that are frequently developed by recurrent body movements, like what you will go through if you are doing a certain physical activity or sport.

Every kind of massage provides something diverse, and a few people may be capable of addressing your concerns more efficiently than others. You can also choose enhancements to further take the experience to the next level and make the session more comforting.

What’s The Total Body Stretch?

Total Body Stretch is another amazing service that Massage Envy provides. Like their massages, it is more for improving a person’s wellness and assisting individuals in feeling their best. But what is it, exactly, you may be wondering?

Well, as the name proposes, it includes the act of stretching. As we all know, our joints and muscles can get a little cooped up when we do not utilize them. Consequently, they feel heavy and can hurt. They tend to make us sluggish and slow as well. One great way of dealing with that is stretching.

This particular procedure, however, is an aided stretching program. You will have a stretch master help you get to and hold positions that’ll stretch out the muscles. Massage Envy makes use of a proprietary method called the Streto method, which is created by a chiropractor and doctor so you can be certain that it works.

It might sound a little intimidating, but do not worry. While you certainly can stretch on your own, having an expert to help you will take your physical activity to the next level. They’ll also guarantee your safety, so you do not hurt yourself accidentally and tear muscles.

It’ll hurt, but there are many advantages to this program. Athletes can be assured of performing better, and they will feel even more flexible. Like other offerings at Massage Envy, you can also combine this one with their massages and different other services for getting more out of the visit.

What Are The Other Services Provided By Massage Envy?

Aside from addressing the muscles, Massage Envy also copes with problems that are on the surface. That’s why they provide skincare treatments as well. As the brand tries to offer relaxation for promoting your wellness, they also comprise other pampering services to assist you in being your best.

The skin is frequently neglected by a lot of people as it seems unimportant to your overall health, but that is not factual. With the skin being one of the first things individuals notice about you, it has a wonderful effect on your mental health.

If it looks good, you’ll feel better about yourselves. It, in turn, can do wonders for your overall well-being. There are numerous facial services that Massage Envy provides. Usually, they address 3 things: advanced skin problems, acne, and back skin concerns.

These are a few of the most popular problems individuals deal with, so they hope to offer accessible and quick solutions. They also provide customized services, so if you cope with numerous concerns, you can still get effective and sufficient help.

For guaranteeing that you are in good hands, Massage Envy works with experienced and expert estheticians who are more than skillful in assisting you with your skin woes. Massage Envy also carries numerous professional skincare brands.

They sell them at amazing costs to members, but they can also be bought by non-members if they want to try them at home. They’ve their own special line recognized as CyMe, which is made of diverse skincare products that are created for addressing numerous concerns.

How Much To Tip At Massage Envy?

Like in salons, tipping at spas and massage parlors can be a little complicated, particularly if you have numerous professionals working for you. It could be true at Massage Envy if you decided to have numerous procedures done at once.

Again, not because the brand employs such specialists does it denote that the tip will not be appreciated. This probe can be simplified by knowing the treatments’ non-membership rates you got.

It is actually suggested by the brand that guests and members tip according to the regular non-membership costs. Like this, the esthetician/therapist/stretch master can acquire more. Combine such facts with the standard hospitality rate of twenty percent for massages, and you got yourself a perfect tip amount for the Massage Envy staff.

Does Massage Envy Have Any Discounts Or Coupons?

Since Massage Envy tries to make what was once contemplated as luxury treatments more affordable and accessible to the general public, you can anticipate getting amazing deals on the services provided here.

Their memberships make the offered services much more reasonably priced, allowing you to save on limitless massages and different other wellness services. So if you desire to do more for the body without hurting the wallet, spending money on membership can already be a bargain.

Another amazing method of saving costs here is by benefiting from their Paid in Full Wellness program. It’ll allow you to disburse for a six-month or twelve-month membership in full which is charged lower than the monthly membership fee.

It’ll also save you some time since you do not need to bother with the regular costs. Apart from these, they also provide regular promotions. They offer a referral program that will give you a free one-hour massage session if you get your friend to sign up.

New members also get a free one-hour massage as a welcome gift. You can also locate coupons for their products and services. Relying on the promotion, you can really enjoy huge markdowns on particular product and service purchases.

Like with other salon chains, however, such coupons might have limited validity. Mostly, they will just be applicable to places within a specific area or region. That’s why it is significant to read the fine print to make certain that you can benefit from the deal you came across with.

How Long Does A Massage Take?

One of the amazing things about getting a massage is that you can choose how long you desire the session to last. At Massage Envy, as stated earlier, you have 3 packages to pick from sixty, ninety, and 120-minute massages.

It is totally up to you how long you desire the session to last. If you desire some fast pampering, a sixty-minute massage would be fairly simple to squeeze into your busy schedule. If you feel like the body requires more to feel better, get a 120-minute session.

What Time Is Massage Envy Open For Business?

Similar to any other wellness and beauty salon chain, Massage Envy’s locations are open at different hours. It all relies really on the usual traffic for the region. A few open as early as 9 AM while others as late as 11 AM. Closing hours differ, too. A few close as early as 6 PM, while there are many locations that stay open until late, about 10 PM.

The schedule also differs relying on the day of the week, as weekdays tend to need longer working hours while weekends do not. Because of such, it is best to check with the location nearby you. Through this, you can be certain that you will be capable of getting attended to when you go.

Should I Schedule An Appointment Or Do A Walk-In When Getting A Massage At Massage Envy?

For your safety and convenience, should you schedule an appointment or walk in at Massage Envy? It is highly suggested that you book your appointment in advance at Massage Envy for numerous reasons. For one, it’d assist you in minimizing exposure to other individuals, which is just perfect during these times.

Infection risks are always something everybody ought to try to diminish, and booking an appointment will keep you from spending your time in a shared area with strangers. If you are a busy person, booking the appointment will also assist you in saving some time.

It’ll avert you from wasting your time waiting at a location for a professional to become accessible, thus allowing you to make the most out of the day. It is also perfect for members who desire to work with particular stretch masters, estheticians, or massage therapists.

A few of such specialists might be booked back to back by other clients and members, so if you come unannounced and without seeing their schedule, they may not be capable of working with you right then and there.

It can denote settling for somebody else, which may not give you the most pleasing results even if other personnel are more than able to provide the best service. It is also vital to note that a few Massage Envy locations may not accept walk-ins. With the current health crisis, a few locations might be taking extra safety measures so that they may be working on a strictly appointment-only basis.

For being certain that you will receive a massage or other wellness procedures when you require one, it’d be better to book an appointment simply. If you really cannot plan in advance, however, a few locations still accept walk-in customers. Check with the location nearby you first, however, so you can be certain of their existing set-up.

Are The Offerings At Massage Envy Science-Backed?

With Massage Envy’s promise to improve wellness through massage therapy and different other services, it is just natural to be curious if they have a scientific basis for their statements. Truth be told, more research is needed to confirm the advantages of massage. There’s some evidence that proposes such, but they are not broadly studied yet, so nothing is sure.

But since Massage Envy is really dedicated to the craft, they’ve funded the massage therapy research that was done by the Massage Therapy Foundation with the Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine’s Touch Research Institute. The objective is to establish the health benefits of massage therapy better and know more about the healing power of touch.

How’s Massage Envy Ensuring Public Safety And Health In Their Locations?

The wellness business is one of the most difficult hits throughout the pandemic, so it can be anticipated that they will also be among the ones who’ll take it seriously. It’s absolutely the case with Massage Envy as they’re further ramping up their already rigorous public safety and health measures in their locations for keeping their employees and customers safe.

Apart from following the guidelines set by the CDC and the local authorities, they’re making certain to reduce touchpoints in their treatment rooms and shared areas. Apart from replacing headrests and linens every after the session (which was already the normal thing even before the pandemic hit the world), they’re now also sanitizing objects, equipment, and spaces more frequently.

The employees are also needed to sanitize and wash their hands before and after touching customers as well as touching linens. Places are also deep cleaned more frequently. Apart from public safety and health, the Massage Envy chain is also taking many steps to keep the spirits of its team high.

A few locations offered to give free services to front liners to boost their morale and give back to the community. They also held a virtual award show to recognize the hard work and achievements of their team, particularly throughout such trying times.

For setting up your appointment with Massage Envy, please go to their official website.

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