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Previously recognized as the Hollywood Tans Group LLC, it’s now just Hollywood Tans, a salon franchise chain specializing in indoor tanning.

From the highly structured and compliance-oriented model the business used to operate, it has reinvented itself through the proficiency of its president and CEO, Lewis Shender, and is now a lot more flexible. It has stopped running the company as a one-size-fits-all operation.

Hollywood Tans Prices:

Check below to get the latest information about Hollywood Tan’s prices in 2023.




HT42 (1 Tan)8
HT42 (5 Tans)32
HT42 (10 Tans)56
HT42 (20 Tans)80
HT54 (1 Tan)13
HT54 (5 Tans)52
HT54 (10 Tans)91
HT54 (20 Tans)130
HT60 (1 Tan)17
HT60 (5 Tans)68
HT60 (10 Tans)119
HT60 (20 Tans)170
High Pressure (1 Tan)22
High Pressure (5 Tans)88
High Pressure (10 Tans)154
High Pressure (20 Tans)220
Premier (1 Tan)27
Premier (5 Tans)108
Premier (10 Tans)189
Premier (20 Tans)270


HT42 (2 Weeks)19.5
HT42 (1 Month)39
HT42 (3 Months)99
HT42 (6 Months)149
HT42 (1 Year)249
HT52 (2 Weeks)29.5
HT52 (1 Month)59
HT52 (3 Months)156
HT52 (6 Months)234
HT52 (1 Year)390
HT60 (2 Weeks)39.5
HT60 (1 Month)79
HT60 (3 Months)196
HT60 (6 Months)294
HT60 (1 Year)490
High Pressure (2 Weeks)49.5
High Pressure (1 Month)99
High Pressure (3 Months)236
High Pressure (6 Months)354
High Pressure (1 Year)590
Premier (2 Weeks)59.5
Premier (1 Month)119
Premier (3 Months)276
Premier (6 Months)414
Premier (1 Year)690


1 Tan25
5 Tans105
10 Tans185
20 Tans330


Unlimited Tanning Membership - Monthly Price

High Pressure58.99

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Three years ago, Hollywood Tans engaged the celebrities’ services to be the business’s so-called tan-bassadors who, in effect, acted as the spokespersons and representatives of their market divisions.

These included gymnast Brandon Wynn, who attained a gold medal at the Pan American Games back in 2011, 2002 Playboy Playmate of the Year Dalene Kurtis, and international go-go dancer Maya Michelle Rew.

According to Shender, such celebrity tan-bassadors demonstrate the diversity and individuality of those who visit Hollywood Tans for diverse reasons.

Kurtis, for example, tans for the confidence tanning provides her when she is being photographed; Maya Michelle Rew does the same thing because tanning is the X-factor for her when she goes out on the town, and Wynn utilizes tanning for complementing a competitive edge.

The trio succeeded in getting the much-required turnaround for Hollywood Tans to append to the business’s total revenue of 60 million dollars, primarily from sales of branded blends for tanning lotions and skin care products and stand-up tanning stations four years ago.

Hollywood Tans now have more than 140 locations that are operated and owned independently and carry the business’s products exclusively.


Hollywood Tans salons have stand-up tanning beds in place of the laying-in variety.

The tanning procedure at Hollywood Tans doesn’t include any usage of UV (ultraviolet) lighting of any sort.

The Instant Tan is powered by Mystic Tan; it is a spray that mists your body with premium quality bronzers and top-of-the-line moisturizers to provide patrons with a natural-looking, smooth, and even tan in mere seconds.

Their Mystic Tan formulations come in 4 types: Build Glow which provides only a hint of color for light to medium skin; Build Light with 1-3 shades darker than the patron’s natural skin tone for medium skin. Build Medium is 2-4 shades darker than the patron’s natural skin color, and Build Dark is for medium dark to dark skin.

You also have choices such as a fast tan that’s long-lasting with the HT High-Pressure Booth. 2-3 monthly visits are all you require to maintain a tan from the usage of this booth.

The filter utilized in this booth blocks out the majority of the ultraviolet rays that cause your skin’s exfoliation to accelerate and make the tan last longer.

The max for stand time is between eleven and fifteen minutes, depending on which High-Pressure Booth is selected.

The HT60, the ultimate eight-minute tan, is the fastest that provides you with an even and smooth base tan in just three or four sessions. The tan builds up rapidly with a safe two percent amount of ultraviolet light.

The HT54 is an amazing ten-minute tan with a standing time of 10 minutes maximum that provides you with an amazing-looking tan in four or five sessions. And the HT42 is an awesome value for a fantastic off-the-beach tan in five or six sessions.


The specialized Hollywood Tans indoor tanning products line comprises proprietary-blend lotions that comprise moisturizers, bronzers, and shower gels for assisting in maintaining the base tan in an even tone, keeping the skin hydrated, and retaining the suppleness of your skin.

With Hollywood Tans lotions, the potential for max tanning is accelerated by the delivery of minerals, essential vitamins, and nutrients for keeping the skin healthy.

Such lotions come in Bronzer, Maximizer, Tingles, Body Blush, and Self-Tanner variants. The Maximer stimulates melanin production for kick-starting the tan.

The Bronzer increases the natural color of your skin with cosmetic bronzers that are DHA-based for developing a darker tone between four and six hours.

Such bronzers utilize ingredients like walnut extract, caramel, and riboflavin that boost your skin color but can be rinsed off.

The Body Blush intensifies tanning by a rise in oxygenation of your skin surface that’s visible through a little skin reddening with neither the tingle nor the heat that might be uncomfortable for a few individuals.

The Tingles assist the blood in increasing its flow at the skin surface level for maximized melanin production; although there’s skin reddening along with a warm-to-hot sensation, it’s not a health hazard.

The Self-Tanner is the easiest Hollywood Tans product. It can give a radiant and glowing golden bronze color to the skin between three and four hours of application.

Furthermore, the Self-Tanner comes in handy when you desire to look awesome in a hurry, and there is not really enough time to get into one of the Hollywood Tans booths. The Self-Tanner provides you with an easy, quick, accessible tan without UV exposure.

For Hollywood Tans service availability and pricing, go to www.hollywoodtanpa.com.

Frequently Asked Questions Section:

Q: How Much Is Premier Membership at Hollywood Tans?

Premier costs around 68.99 dollars.

Q: How Much Is 1 Tan At Hollywood Tans?

1 Tan costs about 25.00 dollars.

Q: How Much Is Hollywood Tans Membership?

HT42 costs around 24.99 dollars.

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